Azure Edge Service

Tutorial to Follow

Azure Edge Quickstart

Step to do

  • Azure IoTHub service creation

  • In Azure IoTHub, create IoT Edge(Preview). Add Edge Device, and get connection string.
  • Install and start the IoT Edge runtime. ```bash sudo pip install -U azure-iot-edge-runtime-ctl

sudo iotedgectl setup –connection-string “{device connection string}” –nopass

sudo iotedgectl start

sudo docker ps ```

  • Deploy a module

How IoT Edge secure connection to IoT Hub?

I see nanomsg library used to build up socket connection, but don’t see how it’s secured. nanomsg seems have no support for Websocket or TLS yet, see Nanomsg secure websocket connection or Nanomsg TLS proposal But its replacement liberary nng has the TLS and WSS support.

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