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Roadmap to be good!

职业成长路线图: XX年XX月 - 技能/知识积累 + 技能/实践用例 + 技能/经验总结 + 技能/拓展延伸

Learn Basics - Azure Functions + CosmosDB

Learning Path Serverless database computing using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

Learn with DynamoDB

Learning Path


Howto Schema in Cassandra

Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes

Scenario Context We want to automate and manage certificates used within our K8s clusters.

GraphQL with Kotlin in Spring Boot

Howto GraphQL Howto GraphQL (Source on GitHub) Pluralsight Tutorial (Source on GitHub) Another online tutorial

Kubernetes style Declarative APIs

So many wheels out there for you to hands on.

Learn with MongoDB

Learning Path MongoDB Manual MongoDB University Spring Data Mongo

K8s Local Persistent Volume Setup

Tutorial to follow This is good one to follow

OpenAPI with Kotlin in Spring Boot

Spring REST-Docs Spring REST Docs Extensions to Spring REST Docs

API Design

Various API design style When to Use What